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Origin Specialty Coffee

Roasters & Consultants

P O Box 6068

Highton, Geelong

Victoria 3216


03 5243 2792


03 5243 5824

Coffee & Products


02-01EspressoShots.JPG - largeCoffees Roasted to Order...



Velvet      KG 30.50*    500g 16.00*

Full character, excellent body, smooth velvety mouth-feel with a lovely after-taste, no bitterness–carefully selected from some of the world's most famous specialty coffee estates. Designed primarily for espresso use.


Gusto      KG 30.50*    500g 16.00*

Deep, full-bodied complex coffee with a Belgian chocolaty connotation. This superb blend of specialty coffees delivers in the cup a great boldness of character, depth with a beautiful crema. Designed primarily for espresso use.


Kaffe Aroma      KG 31.20*    500g 16.30*

Featuring Ethiopian Yirgacheffe 'Kaffe Bun' (birth region of the Arabica species–reputably No.1 estate coffee in the world!) Rich, exquisite and beautifully aromatic/fragrant coffee, lightly fused with other great specialty coffees for body and balance Designed primarily for espresso use.


Alfresco      KG 30.50*    500g 16.00*

A perfect balance of the most distinctive coffees, displaying flavour and depth with a fresh, lively taste, delicious cup after cup! Fabulous specialty coffees, world renowned for good reason! Especially blended for plunger and filter coffee applications.


Fairtrade.png - largeSumatran Forte • Fair Trade • Organic      KG 32.50*    500g 17.00*

Good body, nice acidity and toffee-like caramelised sugars provide the strength of character for this great fair-trade blend.  Designed primarily for espresso use.





Geelong's Origin Specialty Coffee have been awarded 12 medals between

6 blends to date in the Australian Golden Bean Roasting Competition!





Limited Edition (until stocks run out)


***TTN Espresso***      KG 35.00*    500g 18.40*

This most unique coffee blend features a Costa Rican micro-lot 'Tarrazu Tirra Natural' complemented with a crafted choice of other Specialty Coffees. A rich cup with nuances of melon, grape, raisins and hops, finished with a creamy malt mouthfeel.







water.png - large


Java Fusion • Swiss Water Process      KG 33.00*    500g 17.20*    250g 10.00*

Decaffeinated coffee beans, carefully roasted to maintain balance and integrity of flavour. Ideal for espresso and other applications. 250g and 500g pouches are a zip-locked reusable format.







Package Sizes


02-04CoffeeBags.JPG - large


  • Your order packaged straight into 3KG, 1KG, 500g, 250g bags

  • Our complete range utilize a one-way valve for optimum freshness!

  • Coffee Beans or Ground (precision ground to your brewing application)


Espresso Cleaner



Cafetto EVO Espresso Clean® - commercial espresso cleaner      KG 29.90 INCL.GST*

Excellence in coffee requires several key elements, one of which is diligently maintained brewing equipment. OSC highly recommend regular back-flushing of commercial espressos with Cafetto - a quality espresso cleaner. Cafetto® Espresso Clean® has been tested by NSF and certified to protocol P152. This guarantees that Cafetto® Espresso Clean® will not taint the coffee and is not corrosive to the espresso machine.


Cino Cleano® - domestic espresso cleaner      250ml 18.00 INCL.GST*

Cino Cleano® Cleaning Solution is like a detox treatment for your home coffee machine. It's designed to clean old coffee oils, milk deposits and scale from thermo block espresso machines. Regular use of Cino Cleano® Cleaning Solution will keep your home coffee machine performing at its best and producing the perfect cup of coffee - fresh, clean and impurity-free.




Hot Chocolate



KOKO deluxe • premium hot chocolate      KG 16.50*


02-05KoKoDeluxe.jpg - large


Enjoy this luxury blend of superior quality cocoas from the world's finest growing regions. 

  • 100% Natural
  • Whole bean cocoa, including cocoa nibs and liquor
  • No fillers or thickeners
  • Nothing Artificial
  • Gluten, dairy and GMO free


Drinking chocolate at it's finest!