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Origin Specialty Coffee

Roasters & Consultants

P O Box 6068
Highton, Geelong,
Victoria 3216

03 5243 2792

03 5243 5824


we select the finest crop


to perfection


by our master roaster

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Welcome to

Origin Specialty Coffee

Geelong's Own Specialty Coffee Roasters

Origin Specialty Coffee are purveyors of the world’s most elite estate coffees.

A very small portion of the world's coffee produce is deemed 'Specialty Grade' or simply 'Specialty Coffee' as applied by professional standards. 'Specialty Coffee' grading is applied only on meeting a defined criteria which appraises physical attributes and outstanding cupping qualities – and these coffees are truly remarkable!

It is our pleasure to source these outstanding coffee beans from around the globe and supply true 'Specialty Coffee' fresh from the roaster. Enjoy with us the obvious choice for gourmet coffee, these beautiful, rich, aromatic, estate coffees... Passionately roasted—lovingly assessed!

  • Specialty Grade Only (highest classification in the professional industry)
  • Roasted to Order – vitally & vibrantly fresh (essential for such an incredibly complex food product)
  • Wholesale Fresh Coffee Suppliers and direct buy coffee supplies to the public each week
  • Local Geelong personalised and experienced service / consultation
  • On site staff training in espresso use, coffee handling and in depth coffee knowledge
  • Realistic pricing – not inflated by whim or purported exclusivity
  • Looking beyond 'Latte Art', and the usual glamour and hype of marketing, to the real cupping delights of the world's most prestigious estate coffees

Our hope is that you may also begin to discover a world of difference between regular mass-produced, supposedly “premium” “fresh” coffees, and how markedly superior true specialty coffee tastes, straight from the roaster Simply fantastic! We love it! We hope you will too!

Remember: only approx. 7% of the world’s coffee crops are classified as Specialty Coffee.